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izzy&jude, fashion, H&MThese pictures were taken on one of the most beautiful – and probably one of the last – Fall days in Berlin at Tempelhof Airport. If you’re in Berlin, the former Tempelhof airport which now turned into a public park is the perfect place to go down for a stroll, or as you can see in the background of my pictures, watch some cheerful kites color the sky. Here I am wearing one of my most beloved items of this season: my perfectly embroidered jacket of the H&M Autumn Collection 2013.

Jacket & Blouse, H&M Autumn Collection 2013; Jeans & Bag, Zara.


izzyandjude, judith, santorini


judith, izzy&jude, santorini

judith, izzy&jude, santorini

judith_santorini5 judith, izzy&jude, santorini

judith, izzy&jude, santorini

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The current weather in Berlin (it is cold and raining cats and dogs) and the current state I am in (wrapped in a blanket and suffering from a bad flu) makes me want to pack my bags and leave to a sunny destination somewhere far, far away. This made me think of my last holiday in Santorini, Greece and I realized I did not write anything about this yet.

If you would ever ask me what would be the most beautiful place I have ever travelled to, I would most likely say: Oia, Greece. This place is beyond magical, it already looks great on the pictures but once you are there, you are just overwhelmed with the beauty of this enchanting town. Walking through the cute little alleys in the village of Oia, you will be surrounded by the white traditonal cave houses and beautiful quaint churches. With these surroundings and suppossedly the most beautiful sunsets in the world, Oia is one of those places that take your breath away and steal your heart forever.

I usually never return to places where I have already travelled to before, as I think there are still too many places to see in the world. But this place is just too beautiful not to return back to.



When Forever 21 recently opened in Berlin, we were pretty excited about it. Forever 21 was a store we would often shop at when we used to study in the U.S. together, as it was it was one of those cool American stores that we did not have in Europe back then, like Urban Outfitters. We would tell each other by entering the store to meet again in an hour. We would always walk out the store with big smiles on our faces and about 6 of those typical yellow Forever 21 bags hanging around our arms. So we basically wanted to continue this shopping ritual when the store opened a couple of weeks ago here in Berlin, as it had been quite some years since we had shopped at Forever 21. However, our F21 shopping experience as we know it was not as nice. In fact, we were slightly annoyed by the chaos and most of the items seemed to not fit our style anymore. In the end only Judith ended up buying a dress which she is wearing in the pictures above. Maybe it was just not our shopping day, maybe we just won’t be forever 21.

Dress, Forever 21; Bag, Zara; Shoes, Jonak – also worn here

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Even though it seemed like Berlin got hit hard by a heat stroke last week and an overdose of sun, it has been raining cats and dogs today. Don’t you just hate it when the weather can’t make up its mind? But no matter if the rain came pouring down today, we still got one thing on our minds: summer festivals and open airs. Is your closet already festival proof? If not, we know where you will find exactly what you need for this magical season of music festivals. There is no better place to shop or at least to get some inspiration than at Free People, which is part of the Urban Outfitters family.

Some of our favorite pieces you can see in the ‘Love Bird lookbook, which combines subtle earth tones with pale blue. But no worries, this collection is anything but boring. The funky key-pieces add a certain glamorous touch as well as an urban vibe to your look and are definitely the right pick for every festival.

So let the festivities begin! Do you have any festivals planned for this summer?

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Remember those Balenciaga cut-outs buckle boots we talked about a while ago? The ones we were pretty obsessed with but not so wallet-friendly? Judith managed to find a slightly different pair for a slightly – let’s say, very slightly – better price. Here she combines her Jonak cut-out boots with leather shorts from Zara and the Iron Girl shirt from Rika.

Shirt, Rika; Fake leather shorts, Zara; Bag, Zara; Shoes, Jonak; Ring, & Other Stories


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Lately the camera has been our new best friend and we took it out today to snap some sunny outfit pictures, also to give you a little insight into our successful shopping spree this weekend. The new Zara dress which Isabel just got yesterday, is the perfect match to her Zara statement necklace and leather jacket. Cute with a little edge, definitely her signature style. What have you been shopping lately?

Biker Jacket, H&M; Dress, Zara; Necklace, Zara

izzyandjude, jude from izzyandjude

izzyandjude, izzy from izzyandjude

Judith – Dress, H&M Garden Collection (old); Sandals, Ffuzzies; Bag, Zara; sunglasses, Chanel
Isabel – Denim jacket, H&M; Dress, Mango; Necklace, H&M, Sneakers, Vans  

We spend the whole sunday afternoon walking around Revaler Strasse in Friedrichshain looking for the VOODOO MÄDELS market, only to realize that this – supposed to be super awesome – fleamarket had ended just the day before. Bummer. However, we did have a great time strolling around the other fleamarkets around Revaler Strasse, and took the time to snap some outfit pictures. How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?