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My ultimate wishlist for this month. Pink hues and tartan can’t be missed. And have you noticed my slight obession with Rika?

chanel boy bagPh. via

Boy, oh boy, oh bag. If I could have anything in the world right now – at least fashion related, otherwise I would be a bit crazy – it would be the Chanel boy bag. I love how Chanel roughened up the classic quilted bag with faded silver chains, the tinted metal logo and an overall edgy charm. If I would start saving, maybe in 2023 I will finally get my hands on one of these bad boys. Although it does not help that Chanel bags get more expensive every year. Oh, a girl can dream..

Zara pink coat

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Usually, when fall arrives, I switch the color palette of my wardrobes from bright summery colors to shades of navy, grey, black and burgundy. But not this time. This season, pink is the new black for me. Especially when I saw the soft and tender pastel coat from the fall collection 2013 of Céline. My current goal is to find a similar one, the perfect pink coat. Right now I got my eye on this one from Zara, but it still comes with a quite hefty price tag (it’s €199,- ) for it being a Zara coat. Your thoughts?

Zara Fall/Winter 2013 Zara Fall/Winter 2013 Zara Fall/Winter 2013 Zara Fall/Winter 2013

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Even though the sun is shining, birds are whispering and I already smell the BBQ of my neighbors even though it’s only 12:00 a.m in Berlin and I still need finish my breakfast, I secretly cannot wait for Autumn to be here. Especially in terms of fashion, as I truly think Autumn’s fashion is the best fashion. Being able to wear chunky knits and lots of layering, wrapping yourself in comfy scarves and walking on those beautiful boots without the pain of winter’s snow.

Especially the Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 campaign of Zara made me excited for this beautiful season, as this campaign is just simply stunning. I love the clean collection inspired by a touch of punk. Just look at the cropped white jackets, the pieces with masculine tailoring, the fedora hats and the checkered items…Does it not make you want Autumn to arrive?


– the Rodarte sisters’ obsession with horror films

– model Sidney Williams as a true heroine

– model Guinevere Van Seenus as a fairy godmother

Elijah Wood as somekind of mysterious master

– a fantastic soundtrack by pop duo Beach House, known for their dreamy jams

– (and last but not least) 1 unicorn

Now mix it all together and what do you get? This fantasy fashion film produced by The Creators Project, which was inspired by Rodarte’s Spring 2013 Collection.