Not Forever 21



When Forever 21 recently opened in Berlin, we were pretty excited about it. Forever 21 was a store we would often shop at when we used to study in the U.S. together, as it was it was one of those cool American stores that we did not have in Europe back then, like Urban Outfitters. We would tell each other by entering the store to meet again in an hour. We would always walk out the store with big smiles on our faces and about 6 of those typical yellow Forever 21 bags hanging around our arms. So we basically wanted to continue this shopping ritual when the store opened a couple of weeks ago here in Berlin, as it had been quite some years since we had shopped at Forever 21. However, our F21 shopping experience as we know it was not as nice. In fact, we were slightly annoyed by the chaos and most of the items seemed to not fit our style anymore. In the end only Judith ended up buying a dress which she is wearing in the pictures above. Maybe it was just not our shopping day, maybe we just won’t be forever 21.

Dress, Forever 21; Bag, Zara; Shoes, Jonak – also worn here

  1. Mir ging es genau so, als ich freudestrahlend in den Forever21-store rannte, meinen armen Freund hinter mir her gezerrt 🙂 Meine anfängliche Euphorie verschwand aber noch innerhalb des ersten Floors – ich hab mich gefühlt wie in einem Mix vaus Primark, Woolworth und Tally Weijl^^ Da hat das Onlineshopping irgendwie mehr Spaß gemacht^^

    PS: Ihr habt einen tollen Blog!

    Schönes Wochenende!
    Liebst Aline

  2. Valerie said:

    Cute outfit! I love the dress ❤

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