& Other Stories

H&M brought us COS before, Weekday and Monki. But now there is & Other Stories. This new high street label offers a varied collection of fashion, shoes, bags, lingerie, jewelry and even skincare products and make-up. The highly minimalistic collection is not inspired by the latest fashion trends from the runway. The designers as a matter of fact looked at the impact of social media on fashion, street style and fashion blogs and used these factors as inspiration for & Other Stories. They believe that women nowadays create their own “stories” when it comes to fashion and personal style

Also, the line is supposed to have higher quality than H&M and has more variety and is less “grown up” than COS. The price tags are – quite unfortunate for our wallets – more similar to COS. We were already frequent visitors to the & Other Stories webshop, but as of yesterday, we are fortunate enough to also have a real & Other Stories store in Berlin, the city where we live. Obviously we could not wait to see the this and already made a trip to & Other Stories. Some of our favorite & Other Stories we would like to share…

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Ph. and buy via & Other Stories

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