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izzy&jude, fashion, H&MThese pictures were taken on one of the most beautiful – and probably one of the last – Fall days in Berlin at Tempelhof Airport. If you’re in Berlin, the former Tempelhof airport which now turned into a public park is the perfect place to go down for a stroll, or as you can see in the background of my pictures, watch some cheerful kites color the sky. Here I am wearing one of my most beloved items of this season: my perfectly embroidered jacket of the H&M Autumn Collection 2013.

Jacket & Blouse, H&M Autumn Collection 2013; Jeans & Bag, Zara.


chanel boy bagPh. via Pinterest.com

Boy, oh boy, oh bag. If I could have anything in the world right now – at least fashion related, otherwise I would be a bit crazy – it would be the Chanel boy bag. I love how Chanel roughened up the classic quilted bag with faded silver chains, the tinted metal logo and an overall edgy charm. If I would start saving, maybe in 2023 I will finally get my hands on one of these bad boys. Although it does not help that Chanel bags get more expensive every year. Oh, a girl can dream..

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judith, izzy&jude, santorini

judith, izzy&jude, santorini

judith_santorini5 judith, izzy&jude, santorini

judith, izzy&jude, santorini

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The current weather in Berlin (it is cold and raining cats and dogs) and the current state I am in (wrapped in a blanket and suffering from a bad flu) makes me want to pack my bags and leave to a sunny destination somewhere far, far away. This made me think of my last holiday in Santorini, Greece and I realized I did not write anything about this yet.

If you would ever ask me what would be the most beautiful place I have ever travelled to, I would most likely say: Oia, Greece. This place is beyond magical, it already looks great on the pictures but once you are there, you are just overwhelmed with the beauty of this enchanting town. Walking through the cute little alleys in the village of Oia, you will be surrounded by the white traditonal cave houses and beautiful quaint churches. With these surroundings and suppossedly the most beautiful sunsets in the world, Oia is one of those places that take your breath away and steal your heart forever.

I usually never return to places where I have already travelled to before, as I think there are still too many places to see in the world. But this place is just too beautiful not to return back to.

Zara pink coat

Ph. via Zara.com

Usually, when fall arrives, I switch the color palette of my wardrobes from bright summery colors to shades of navy, grey, black and burgundy. But not this time. This season, pink is the new black for me. Especially when I saw the soft and tender pastel coat from the fall collection 2013 of Céline. My current goal is to find a similar one, the perfect pink coat. Right now I got my eye on this one from Zara, but it still comes with a quite hefty price tag (it’s €199,- ) for it being a Zara coat. Your thoughts?